Solaflon® NRX

Solaflon® NRX Primers

The Solaflon® NRX primer is water based  contains no VOCs and is non-toxic. Using the Solaflon® NRX primer eliminates the need for expensive, time consuming surface preparation such as sand blasting, with a simple low cost, low pressure water wash.

The Solaflon® NRX primer is designed to be applied on painted, rusted, galvanized, damp or dry steel surfaces, and chemically reacts to create a foundation for many of the existing low VOC high-performance top coats. The Solaflon® NRX primer will also bond with aluminum by chemically reacting to provide excellent adhesion and long-term corrosion protection.

Solaflon NRX Intermediate

The Solaflon NRX Intermediate acts like a barrier between the NRX primer and the Solaflon 2C Ferro Top Coating providing the optimal conditions for the primer and top coating to work and bond.